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Accounting: Annual Reports

Library Resources for Annual Reports

Since a company's annual report provides so much financial information, it is one of the primary sources you should look at in analyzing a company.

FIS Mergent provides annual reports for over 10,000 public U.S. based companies.

Other Sources of Annual Reports

Usually, you can find a company's annual report on its web site.  Look for a link for investors or investor relations. Sometimes, it can be found under the About us link.

Below are some web sites you can also research:

About: Investing for Beginners: Free Annual Reports

Annual Reports.Com

Carol World: Annual Reports of Companies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia

Irin Annual Report Resource Center

SEC Filings

Edgar SEC Full Text Search
If you use the Advanced Search Page feature, you can enter the company name, the  type of filing you want such as the 10-K, the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), and the Central Index Key (CIK). The full text goes back four years.

You can also try the a search at

Need Help Reading Financial Statements?

The library has a number of books and recommended web sites to help you read financial statements.

Consult the library handout.