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Accounting: FAQs

Library Databases

Fraud Cases

Q: How do I locate information about a fraud case?

A: One of the best databases to use for looking up fraud cases is ProQuest ABI/Inform Complete. Go to the advanced search screen and enter the company name, for example, zzzz best in the first search box and choose company/org from the drop-down menu. On the second search box you can enter Securities & Exchange Commission or SEC. Another option is to enter fraud in the search box and choose subject from the drop-down menu. You can also try entering the names of some of the defendants, for example, Barry Minkow.

Factiva is another database where you can find news articles. Click on the Search  tab, then on the Search Builder link. In the free text box, enter hd=zzzz best and SEC. HD stands for headline; you will be searching in the headline field. Choose All dates. Click Run Search. Also try searching the names of the defendants.

You may be able to find cases in the Nexis Uni database. Under Guided Search, Interested in Cases, Choose Federal or State, Enter Company name and secs litig, Select Date and Search. 



Q: Where do I find the new codifications?

A: The best place to find the new Codification Standards is the RIA Checkpoint database. The library provides instructions on using the database.

Q: Where do I look for the superseded FASB documents?

You can also use the RIA Checkpoint database.

Another source for the pre-Codification standards is the FASB web site.

Books on Fraud Cases

Subjects to search in the library catalog to find fraud cases:

accounting fraud
corporations--corrupt practices
fraud--case studies
fraud investigation
forensic accounting