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IRS: Home

IRS, Treasury, and Department of Justice Sources

Major IRS and Treasury Sources (Section 1)

IRS Free File

Internal Revenue Service - general

Department of Treasury  - general

Actions on Decisions

Chief Counsel Directives Manual

Continuing Education for Tax Professionals

Department of Treasury Tax Policy Document

Published Guidance for Exempt Organizations

Tax Exempt Organization Search (Formerly Select Check)

Field Service Advisories

Information Letters

Internal Revenue Manual (IRM)

IRS Actuarial Tables

IRS Forms and Publications

IRS Divisions and Principal Offices 

IRS Oversight Board

IRS Tax Map

IRS Written Determinations (includes TAMs)

Local (Michigan) IRS Assistance Offices 

Other Published Guidance (on-line looseleaf is easier)

Private Letter Rulings - under Non-precedential Rulings & Advice

Registered Tax Return Preparer Information 

Table of Applicable Federal Rates (AFRs)

Taxpayer Advocate Service

United States Tax Treaty Links A to Z

Treasury Department Circular No. 230 (Rev. 6-2014)

Treasury Regulations (on-line looseleaf is easier)

Treasury Tax Treaty Documents


Other IRS and Treasury Sources and Web Sites (Section 2)


Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)

Enrolled Agents

IRS and Treasury Compensation Table (General)

IRS Electronic Reading Room - FOIA Library 

IRS List of Groups Which Have Lost Their Tax-Exempt Status

Office of the Benefits Tax Counsel

Office of the International Tax Counsel

Office of the Tax Legislative Counsel

Small Business Lending Fund (SBLF)

Tax Statistics

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration 

Understanding IRS Guidance - A Brief Primer

Department of Justice Sources (Section 3)

Department of Justice Tax Division - general

Appeals Settlements Guidelines

Department of Justice Criminal Tax Manual

Department of Justice Tax Division Electronic Reading Room

Department of Justice Tax Division Judgment Collection Manual

Department of Justice Tax Division Settlement Reference Manual

Department of Justice Tax Division Summons Enforcement Manual

United States Attorney Tax Manual (USAM, Title 6)

Department of Justice 2012 Criminal Tax Manual

FOIA Guide