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COM 510 Leadership Communication: Evaluating Information

Evaluating Web Sites


The following web sites discuss various criteria for evaluating information found on the web, such as Authority, Currency, Purpose and Audience, Accuracy, Objectivity, and more.

Critical Evaluation of Resources: UC Berkeley Library

Finding and Evaluating Web Resources: University of Alberta

Evaluating Information: Johns Hopkins University

Evaluating Web Pages Techniques to Apply and Questions to Ask: UC Berkeley Library

Evaluating Web Sites: Cornell University

Evaluating Internet Resources: Georgetown University Library

Critically Analyzing Information Sources: Cornell University Library

Thinking Critically About World Wide Web Resources
by Esther Grassian, recently retired from the UCLA College Library

Credible Web Sites (YouTube video)
A tutorial for beginners to learn evaluation criteria



Apply the CRAAP Test: Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose

Fact Checking Sites

Resources to help you evaluate the legitimacy of a claim.