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COM 510 Leadership Communication: Executive Summary Assignment

Journal Articles for Assignment

Beutler, I.F. (2014). What makes wealth grow? A wealth sensitive financial statement analysis. Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning, 25(1) 90-104.

Cording, M., Harrison, J.S., Hoskisson, R.E., & Jonsen, K.  (2014). Walking the talk: A multistakeholder exploration of organizational authenticity, employee   productivity, and post-merger performance. The Academy of Management Perspectives, 28(1), 38-56.

Gorman, M.F. (2011). A case study in effectively bridging the business skills gap for the information technology professional. Journal of Education for Business, 86, 17-24.

See the next box below for the Parson's article on social media.

Assignment: ProQuest ABI/Inform Complete database article

if you have difficulty accessing this article, log into ProQuest ABI/Inform Complete database. In the basic search box type:

ti(using social media to reach consumers: a content analysis of official facebook pages). Ti stands for title; this is the quick way to search for a title when you know it.

How to Write an Executive Summary