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COM 510 Leadership Communication: Oral & Written Communication

Books for ESL Students

Ammer, C. (1997). The American Heritage dictionary of idioms. Boston, MA: Houghton-Mifflin. (PE2839 .A47 1997)

Claire E. (1988). Three little words; a, an and the: A foreign students’ guide to English. Dundee, IL: Delta Systems. (PEPE1252 .C553 1988)

Danesi, M. (2006). Basic American grammar and usage: An ESL/EFL handbook. Hauppauge, NY:: Barron's. (PE1128 .D36 2006)

Elster, C.H. (1999). The big book of beastly mispronunciations. Boston, MA: Houghton-Mifflin. (PE1137 .E56 1999)

Lester, M. (2008). McGraw-Hill’s essential ESL grammar: A handbook for intermediate and advanced ESL students. New York, NY : McGraw-Hill. (PE1128 .L4568 2008)

Presson, L. (1997). A dictionary of homophones. Hauppauge, NY : Barron's. (PE1595 .P73 1997)

Reynolds, S., & Valentine, D. Guide for internationals: Culture communication, and ESL. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. (HD8081 .A5 R49 2006)

Room, A. (1985). Dictionary of confusing words and meanings. New York, NY: Dorset Press. (PE1680 .R66 1985)

Shaw, H. (1987). Dictionary of problem words and expressions. New York, NY: McGraw Hill. (PE1460 .S5158 1987)

Swick, E. (2013). English grammar for ESL learners. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. (Online and print. PE1128 .S9774 2013)

Urdang, L. (1988). Dictionary of confusable words. New York, NY: Facts on File. (PE1591 .U73 1988)

ESL Web Sites

5 Public Speaking Tips

Presentation tips from Toastmasters International

More Tips on Doing Presentations

The COM instructors recommend these two sites to help you with your presentations:

Verbal Communication & Presentations

Below is a sampling of books on oral communication available in the Walsh College Library. For a complete list, click here.

Business Writing

Below are a sampling of book on business writing available at Walsh College Library. For a more complete list, click here.

Can grammar have glamour?

Yes, grammar can be glamorous. It can also be funny. Check out these entertaining books about grammar and punctuation from the Walsh Library’s English Language Collection.


Clark, R. P.  (2010). The glamour of grammar: A guide to the magic and mystery of practical English. New York: Little, Brown, and Company. (PE 1112 .C528 2010)

Fine, E.H. (1998). Nitty-gritty grammar: A not-so-serious guide to clear communication. Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed Press. (PE 1112 .F53 1998)

Truss, L. (2004). Eats, shoots & leaves: The zero tolerance approach to punctuation. New York, NY: Gotham Books. (PE1450 .T75 2004)

Walsh, W.F. (2004). The elephants of style: A truckload of tips on the of tips on the big issues and gray areas of contemporary American English. New York: NY: McGraw-Hill. (PE2827 .W35 2004)

Watson, D. (2005). Death sentences: How clichés, weasel words and management-speak are strangling public language. New York, NY: Gotham Books. (PE1460 .W325 2005)

 O'Connor, P.T. (2003). Woe is I: The grammarphobe's guide to better English in plain English. New York, NY: Riverhead Books. (PE1112 .O28 2003)


We also have traditional grammar and punctuation books, including:

Hacker, D. (2011). A writer's reference. Boston: MA: Bedford/St. Martins. (PE1408 .H2447 2011)

Perrin, R. (2003). The Beacon handbook and desk reference. Boston, MA: Houghton-Mifflin. (PE1408 .P4395 2003)

Pinker, S. (2014). The sense of style: The thinking person's guide to writing in the 21st century. New York, NY: Viking. (PE1421 .P56 2014)

Rosen, L. J. (2000). The Allyn & Bacon handbook. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. (REF PE 1408 .R677)


Grammar Web Sites