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Economics: Economic Theory

Economic Theory Keywords

Students studying economic theory can use the following keywords to find books in the library and articles in the online databases:


Economic Theory

Classical Economics


Keynesian Economics

Neoclassical Theory

Austrian Economics

Free Market Capitalism

Market Socialism

Central Planning



The Invisible Hand


Supply-side Economics

Game Theory



Frederic Bastiat

James M. Buchanan

Edmund Burke

Frederick Engels

Milton Friedman

Friedrich Hayek

William Stanley Jevons

John Maynard Keynes

Karl Marx

Carl Menger

John Stuart Mill

Ludwig von Mises

Arthur C. Pigou

David Ricardo

Joseph Alois Schumpeter

Adam Smith

Thorstein Veblen

Leon Walras




Online Books

Many historical books on economic theory are available online, free-of-charge, using the following Web sites:

Books in the Library

The library has a large collection of books on economic theory. They are generally located in the circulating collection between HB75 and HB601. To search for specific topics, use the keywords at left in the Library Catalog.

EBSCO eBook Collection

Read the full text of over 20,000 e-books.

Open Educational Resources (OER) - Economics