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Labor Relations: Collective Bargaining

Keywords to Search

You can combine keywords to help narrow your search results.

Along with collective bargaining, you can use any of these keywords in your search:

company name (for ex. Wal-Mart)
contract negotiations
employment security
health insurance
industry name(for ex. banking industry)
labor unions
labor contracts
labor demand
polls & surveyss
state employees
wages & salaries
working conditions

Searching by Title to Narrow Search Results:
In EBSCO Business Source Elite you can narrow your search by using a title search: TI collective bargaining.
Ti stands for title; you will be searching for the words, collective bargaining, in the title.
You can use the and operator in the search: TI collective bargaining and compensation.

In ProQuest ABI/Inform Compete you can enter a title search like this:  ti(collective bargaining).You can also add additional terms:  type ti(collective bargaining) and wages & salaries. Here you are searching for the words, collective bargaining, in the title, and you are searching for wages & salaries anywhere in the document.


Collective Bargaining Agreements

Work Stoppages

CNN: What is Collective Bargaining: Pros and Cons

Managing Change for Employee Relations and Labor Relations

Find Articles

Tips for Searching on Factiva

When you need the most current business information, turn to FACTIVA.

Here are the steps for easy searching:

Click on the Search link at thel top of the page.
Type hd= followed by your search terms. Hd stands for headline;
you will be searching for  headlines or titles with  those keywords.

For example:

hd=collective bargaining

Tying hd=collective bargaining and auto workers will find articles with collective bargaining in the headline and the words auto workers in the text of the article.

Select a date range.

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