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Operations Management: Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain and Logistics Keywords

·         Supply

o   Supply chain

§  Lean

§  Just-In-Time

§  Production

§  Lean Layout

§  Setup

§  Queuing

§  Value Stream

§  Mapping

§  Kaizen

§  Maintenance (e.g., Preventative)

§  Quality (at the source)

§  Level schedule

§  Freeze window

§  Backflush

§  Uniform Plant Loading

§  Kanban (pull)

§  Container

§  Customer value

§  Waste

·         Unnecessary (e.g., Activities)

§  Reductions

§  Supplier(s)

§  Procurement

§  Specialization, Specialize(d)

§  Group Technology

§  Uniform Plant Loading

§  Process

§  Flows

§  Technologies

§  Configuration (e.g., Physical)

§  Housekeeping

§  Supplier Networks


o   Logistics

§  Warehousing (lean)

§  Lean Logistics

§  Lean Customers

o   Transportation

§  Road

§  Rail

§  Water (Ship)

§  Air

§  Pipeline

§  Hand Delivery

o   Distribution

o   Infrastructure

o   Facility

o   Location

o   Proximity (e.g., to Customers, Suppliers, etc.)

o   International

o   Third-Party

o   Outsourcing

o   Subcontracting

o   Ombudsman

o   Cross-docking

o   Hub

o   Spoke

o   Political

o   Risk

o   Government

o   Barriers

o   (Free) Trade

o   Zone

o   Trading bloc

o   Factor-rating

o   Centroid

Books and eBooks on Supply Chain Management at Walsh

A sampling of books on Supply Chain and Logistics topics available at the Walsh College Library

Supply Chain Magazines on the Web

These are only some magazines that you can read online without going to a library database. Each will vary as to how much content is provided free of charge.

The library subscription databases index these magazines and thousands more. To find articles, log into the portal and under the Library tab, select Databases. Search the list of databases. Here is the direct link to the portal databases.

If you want to see a list of the thousands of periodicals available in the databases go to the A-Z list.

Article and Research Databases for Supply Chain Management