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Global Business Information: South America

South America


GlobalEdge -  Business Information by Country

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Argentina: Deloitte

PWC: Doing Business in Argentina

Bolivia World Bank Country Profile  - Doing Business 2020

Brazil World Bank Country Profile  - Doing Business 2020

Chile - Doing Business in Chile 2019 - PWC

Colombia - Doing Business in Colombia 2019 - PWC

Ecuador - Doing Business and Investing in Ecuador - PWC

Guyana - Doing Business in Guyana 2020 - PWC

Paraguay - Doing Business in Paraguay 2020 - PWC

Peru - Doing Business in Peru 2020 -PWC

Surinam- Doing Business in Suriname - PWC

Uruguay - Doing Business in Uruguay PKF

Venezuela - Doing Business in Venezuela - ICAEW

Center for Latin American Economics: Federal Bank of Dallas

Regional or Country Specific Information: Central and South America: MSU

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
Includes publications such as the Statistical Yearbook, Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean, Foreign Investment in Latin America. 

Focus Economics - Latin America

Inter-American Development Bank
Socioeconomic and trade data for Latin America and the Caribbean 

Organization of American States

LANIC - Latin American Network Information Center from the University of Texas

Political Database of the Americas- Documentary and Statistical Information 

Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean  2018 (in Spanish) 
Social statistics, economic statistics, and statistics on natural resources and the environment