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Marketing: Industry Information

Databases for Industry Information

Please note that the databases are often selective in which industries they choose to cover.  The industry you are searching may not be covered by every database.  Please contact a librarian if you need further assistance in identifying a database for your industry.

Reference E-book

Government resources

SIC and NAICS codes

SIC and NAICS Codes

The U.S. government created the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system in 1937 to classify business establishments by type of economic activity for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data.  Beginning in 1997, the U.S., Canada, and Mexico switched to a new system called the North American Industrial Classification System or NAICS.  Besides federal, state, and local governments, commercial publishers make industry data available organized by NAICS.  Every business identifies its activities by at least one code.  

Examples of SIC and NAICS

As an example, the SIC code for McDonald's Corporation is: 5812, Eating Places and the NAICS code is: 722513, Limited-Service Restaurants

Using SIC and NAICS codes

You can use these codes to find information about industries in business databases and directories. For example, using the codes you can:

  • Identify the lines of business of a company
  • Find the competitors in the industry
  • Locate industry ratios to compare with the company's ratios
  • Find articles and current news about an industry.

To look up NAICS and SIC codes, use the NAICS Association's web site:

Annual Statement Studies

Find a Trade Association

Trade associations may provide valuable information such as: industry reports and statistics, advice for individuals planning businesses and careers, or lists of upcoming trade shows in the industry.  Membership in your industry association may offer additional benefits and information.

TIP: Try this Google search to find trade associations for your industry: Product or industry + (organization or association)
        Example: bakeries (organization or association)



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