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Marketing: Companies and their Products/Brands

Marketing Facts

Market Share: The proportion of the total market value of a product or group of products or services that a company, service, or product holds.

Branding: A means of distinguishing one firm’s products or services from another’s and of creating and maintaining an image that encourages confidence

Source: Business: The Ultimate Resource, accessed through Credo Reference

Companies and their Products/Brands

Market Share Reporter

Lists market share data on companies, brands, products and services. Compiled from business journals, newspapers, research organizations, trade associations, government agencies, and internet sources.  Available in Business Insights: Global database and in print at HD2741.M37

 Business Rankings Annual

Compiled from printed materials, this annual volume lists the top 10 companies, products and services in many categories.  Available in Business Insights Essentials database and in print at HF5343.B87

 Companies and their Brands/Brands and their Companies

These companion titles identify the companies behind thousands of brand names, and vice versa.  T223.V4 A25

 Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns

Describes major marketing campaigns from the late 1990s to 2005 and their outcomes.  HF5837.E53